Bzz ~ Vibrating Body Massager

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Bzz ~ Vibrating Body Massager

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Turn your phone into a vibrating massager!
• Heavy duty, vibrates as strong as your phone can muster
• Customize strength and pattern. For free!
• Automatic screen lock
• Easy to use
• No interruptions, no subscriptions!

Fully customizable, choose from haptic and vibration patterns.
Download and start using, every pattern and feature is free!

Troubleshoot problems with vibration. Turn on vibration in settings:
1. Settings -> General -> Accesibility -> Vibration
2. Settinga -> Sounds & Haptics -> Vibrate on Ring, Vibrate on Silent

• Soothe cramps
• Alleviate tension
• Relax muscle knots
• Scalp massage
• Anything you would use a portable massager for! Why spend more money to buy one, when you already have your phone?

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